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At Estero we make hi-return US investment property easily and safely accessible to any NZ investor and we are not exaggerating when we say literally anyone can earn 10, 15 or 20% from a US property investment. After all, how could you not earn those returns when you can buy a US property for only a ¼ or less than what we pay here in NZ?

This prices many of their large big city family homes at $200-$250K instead of $1-2M that we are getting used to. But fortunately (from an ROI point of view) their rents are not that low by comparison, for example a $200K home will typically rent for $2000/month providing a gross return of 12% or a net of 8-9% (and there are literally 1000’s of US homes that fit this ROI equation).

However, the 15 – 20% ROI’s we described earlier still wouldn’t be possible without the abundance cheap mortgage money that is available in the US. Using the $200K house example provided above, and depending on the size of deal, it would be easy to borrow US funds and lift your ROI on a new property from 8% up to 20 or even higher percent return
And although the ROI’s are not quite as high for US commercial properties with long-term leases, the formula nevertheless remains similar in that if you buy or build(with our help) a space with a CAP rate of say 6%, you will still be able to borrow US funds to lift your ROI up nearer 15%

As such, Estero are able to offer you (the investor) a huge range of investment options starting with a smaller single home for $75K ranging up to $1M plus for some of our commercial deals.

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