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34 Pomona Road, Kumeu RD1

Reviewed on February 21, 2017. #1 of 1 Reviews

the venue is stunning. it is very beautiful and enticing. lots of open spaces for any activity you want to do on your wedding day. the crew is awesome, excellent service from the staff. all smiles and always ready to help. we love the crew.

however, the one star goes to robin’s attitude towards the couple and guests.

let me be specific:

1. the bridal room – the bridal room is located literally next to robin’s home. during the bridal prep on one of the weddings i attended at gracehill, robin entered the bridal room without knocking and started complaining why people are noisy and if he can get some privacy because he lives next door (next “wall” actually). we respect that every kiwi is entitled to their privacy, however, robin if you like privacy then you should not rent out that tiny room as a bridal room. people will book a bridal room to get ready not sleep. people will be coming in and out, there will be laughter, lots of talking and celebration, it’s a wedding after all. also, robin, please knock, don’t just barge in the bridal room. we know it’s your property but we rented the room, we also need our privacy, especially the people inside the bridal room are mostly women in their bridal robs.

2. ruining the mood – my friend had their first dance by the lake, while the guests light sky lanterns. it was such a happy feeling for everyone, the music was playing, the couple is dancing and sky lanterns flying but robin had to ruin the good vibe. he walk towards the middle of the crowd, start talking to the MC and asking why everyone is not up in the main reception area seated and ready to eat as the mains will be served soon. robin, you have a point, however we would appreciate it if you didn’t barge in the middle of the crowd and acting like you control the event. you could have pulled the MC on the side and talked to him privately or better yet, waited for the first dance to finish, talked to the MC privately and voice out your concern. you have no right, i will repeat that, you have no right to ruin any couple’s wedding day just because the mains are ready to be served.

we went back up to the main reception area after the couple’s first dance by the lake and after the sky lanterns activity. the guests, instead of talking about how wonderful it was to see the couple do their first dance and how magical it was to fly sky lanterns, the talk of the night until the end of the wedding programme was how rude robin was. robin single handedly made everyone feel uneasy and unwelcome. some guests even felt scared going to the counter to ask a glass of water or orange juice as they might end up talking with robin. luckily, the staff were all great, they actually help alleviate the tension by wearing a constant smile.

overall, the venue by itself is beautiful and majestic. the staff are absolutely delightful and accomodating.

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