Creating a sustainable company culture


Sustainable Company CultureDoes your company culture make the most of your key staff? In the current state of the business world is your business performing well? A strong, innovative leadership has a flow on effect on the staff in your business bringing out the best in them. Knowing that they are valued will motivate them and promote a strong business culture where their thoughts and ideas can make a difference to their firm.

Is fear holding your key staff back? Fear in the workplace comes in many guises from being made redundant to making a simple mistake, even everyday complaints, public speaking or conflict can cause fear.

Having clear and consistent communication with staff can go a long way to relieving stress in this area. Talk to and listen to what your staff has to say thus establishing mutual trust, awareness of problems and collaboration, this will solidify a good business relationship whereby both sides of the management team feel they can have input into the business. This will foster loyalty to both you and the business and give staff confidence in their achievements.

  1. Express the business’ core values. The principles which rule your business should be fully understood by your key staff but they should be confident to carry out their job in their own way in an honourable and sensible fashion without having to follow rules to the letter.
  2. Develop a strong sense of trust. Be true to your own principles and if promises are made follow through on them. Be open and honest with your staff, it will pay in the long run.
  3. Openness from the top. In meetings be prepared to listen. Conflict of any sort is best sorted out by open discussion between the parties – we’re all different and differences of opinion are what make the world go round. You may not agree with all the sentiments expressed but you can show compassion by listening if staff have grievances or are unhappy with some aspect of the firm. Problems will fester if staff do not think they will get a fair hearing.
  4. Minimise fear of rejection, encourage appropriate risk-taking. As said before all people are different and have other ways of looking at the same problem – possibly even better than your own ideas. Encourage your team to be creative and it will thrive.
  5. Avoid blame, focus on problem solving. Although team members should take responsibility when mistakes are made do not belittle that person as they will be wary of suggesting other ideas and it could destroy their creativity – you never know, their next idea could make a fortune!
  6. Optimism over pessimism. Be positive it’s infectious. Setbacks can turn into opportunities, it may take a little patience but a good outcome could be just around the corner.
  7. Collaboration builds relationships and increases output. Encourage a team approach not competitiveness which can be very destructive.
  8. Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect. Whether dealing with clients, customers or staff there should be a fundamental respect. Their opinions and ideas are as valid as your own even if they are diametrically opposed to your own and even annoy you.
  9. Let everyone have their say. Encourage shyer members of your team to express their opinions. Team members with a more dominant attitude can sometimes reduce the confidence of other members but they may not have the best ideas for the firm. Make sure you get input from all of your team.

Recognise effort and success. To keep the morale of your team at a maximum ensure that they are rewarded with praise for a specific job well done and they know their efforts are appreciated.

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